September 26, 2023
Future State Robin Eternal #1

In Future State: Robin Eternal, Lazarus Resin is on its way to Gotham City, and the Magistrate intends to use this regenerative super drug to make its forces immortal!

In Future State: Robin Eternal, the “future” of DC Comics is upon us.

First off, what is Future State?  It is a DC Comics event that will take place in January and February.  It will include limited series versions of all of its major titles.  The event comes off the heels of the Dark Knights: Death Metal event and is set in an alternate future.

Future State: Robin Eternal #1 | DC Comics

Future State: Robin Eternal #1 Reviews

Robin Eternal is the first comic of the Future State series that I have read.  Why?  Because I like Tim Drake.  He is my favorite Robin.  I am glad that DC Comics decided to give him a prominent position in this limited series.

The story takes place in Gotham City.  No surprise there.  The alternate future Gotham is a stranger place than we are familiar with.  Ruled, for the most part, by a private organization hired by the mayor of Gotham to provide law enforcement for the city.  It is a dark organization. One that was enlisted, as far as I can tell, primarily to take down folks like Batman, Robin, Nightwing, etc…

Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Stephanie Brown - DC Future State


In this story, Robin discovers that the Magistrate is experimenting with a super drug derived from the mysterious Lazarus Pits to fuel its cyber army. In this action-packed first issue, he enlists the help of some familiar (and some not so familiar) faces to help him halt the creation of their army of immortal soldiers.

Meghan Fitzmartin does a good job of setting the tone for what is going on in Gotham.  I feel like she has an excellent understanding of Tim Drake.  The interactions between Tim and Stephanie Brown (aka The Spoiler) helped keep the pace of the story going.  There are some exceptional action sequences in the book that artist Eddy Barrows does an amazing job of capturing. Based on this book, I feel like the team of Fitzmartin and Barrows is a team I’d like to see continue after this event is over.

Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Stephanie Brown - DC Future State


Overall, Fitzmartin tells a good story that had me asking for more.  I’m looking forward to the next issue of Robin Eternal.

Future State: Robin Eternal is published by DC Comics and is available to buy NOW!


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