The Bad Batch | Is The Rancor At Jabba’s Palace Elderly?

Was Jabba’s Rancor over the hill? Max explores why Jabba’s monster wasn’t as nimble as Muchi in The Bad Batch

 In last week’s episode of The Bad Batch, we saw a juvenile Rancor in action and I have to say; he moves around much more nimbly than the one in Jabba’s dungeon from Return of the Jedi. He bounces around like a Pokémon and fights like a mini-Megazoid!

Muchi The Rancor in The Bad Batch

We don’t see any of that with the Rancor that tried to eat Luke. And while yes; 1980’s tech could not animate monsters to move very quickly but if you approach Star Wars from an in-universe point of view, it becomes a challenge to explain why there is such a difference. Rancor’s can live many centuries and Jabba’s may be at the end of its life. While Muchi is very young and probably has a lot more youthful energy.

The Bad Batch | Is The Rancor At Jabba’s Palace Elderly?

He is also quite strong too, proving more than a match for even Wrecker’s strength. Also, Jabba’s Rancor was in a very enclosed space so it’s possible that it couldn’t move like Muchi because it had no room. Rancor’s are classified as semi-sentient in the Star Wars galaxy which means they have near-being intelligence like that of a chimpanzee or dolphin on Earth.

The Bad Batch Muchi

All in all, The Bad Batch has re-iterated just how lethal and powerful Rancor’s are and we must give a lot of credit to the Nightsisters (if this Legends fact is canon) in taming them.

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