September 27, 2023

Free! The Final Stroke teams up with Taito for a collaboration cafe.

As the marketing is heating up for Free! The Final Stroke, a new collaboration was announced today. Free! is teaming up with Taito for a special collaboration cafe. It is common in Japan to have themed cafe for anime.

This cafe is at Mega Rage Ikebukuro in Tokyo. The collaboration stars on September 10 and ends on October 31. Just like for the Coco’s campaign, you can get exclusive merchandise. That includes stickers, tapestries, badges, coasters, doilies and more! All of these feature new arts of the characters dressed as waiters from the cafe.

If you go to Mega Rafe Ikebukuro, there is also a special menu. Obivously one of the dishes includes a mackerel because of Haruka. If that’s not up to your taste, there are themed character drinks as well!

Check out the new character arts in the gallery below:

Free! The Final Stroke Part 1 releases in Japan on September 17. We will keep you updated once there is an international release date.

Source: Taito

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