January 28, 2023
Hot Toys Harley Quinn Birds Of Prey

“The Hot Toys Harley Quinn from Birds Of Prey And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn is a great figure with a stunning headsculpt!”

We are staying in the DC Comics Expanded Universe for our next Hot Toys review. There are two different Harley Quinn figures from Birds of Prey – the caution tape jacket and the booby trap version. Both figures are now shipping in territories outside Asia. And today we are taking a look at the booby trap version.


Hot Toys Harley Quinn from Birds Of Prey

The box is quite colorful and is made in the style of Birds of Prey. So this means it uses a lot of yellow and pink. The front box features a picture of Harley Quinn and around her drawings of different objects seen in the movie. The box can be opened on the side and reveals the second picture of Harley along with a window box where you can see the figure. This is an amazing box design!


Hot Toys Harley Quinn from Birds Of Prey

The figure comes with a small number of accessories. The display base is simple with the name of the movie written on it and a design that fits the style of Birds of Prey. It is nothing really special but it is still nice. The figure also comes with a cool background with the name Harley Quinn on it, and a picture of the character. It is quite colorful.  She comes with seven hands, and each has the rings sculpted as usual with Hot Toys it’s all about the details. As for her weapon, she has her classic mallet. I like the look they have given it. It’s a weapon that she has used a lot and you can tell, it’s a bit damaged.

Then you also have roller skates. They are nicely detailed. In fact, they feature real wheels. So be careful if you are posing her with the rollers, make sure to use the stand. Finally, she has the necklace. It’s quite messy to get them to stand properly on the figure. The problem is the chains, they are too big. Smaller chains would have fit better. 

An important thing, the instruction sheet features a second necklace and a bat, though they are not included with this figure. It’s accessories from the caution tape jacket version. On a side note, I think it’s a missed opportunity that Hot Toys didn’t make a deluxe version that included the second Harley Quinn figure. They could have made something like for Boba Fett – the basic version one outfit and the deluxe version two figures with the other outfits. 


Hot Toys Harley Quinn from Birds Of Prey

I originally went with this version because the promotional pictures of the other version were off with the headsculpt but it turns out both final products have updated sculpts. So now I am left wondering if I should get the other version as well.

The boobytrap outfit is really cool. Gold does look good on Harley Quinn. However, considering the type of fabric used, you have to be careful when you pose the legs. Otherwise, it will get damaged over time.

Though, there are no problems with the arms. Indeed, she has naked arms with visible articulation joints. They didn’t go seamlessly. I know that visually it doesn’t look as good as you can see the articulation. But, her arms feature tattoos and it seems Hot Toys does not have the technology that allows printing tattoos on a seamless body. Thus, their choice to go with plastic. The visible elbow joint is a single one, not double.  But for poses, a single joint at the elbow is not a problem for this figure. 


Hot Toys Harley Quinn from Birds Of Prey

The headsculpt was made by Yulli and painted by JC Hong and E-lee. With Yulli, you always get the best. And this time is no exception. Indeed, she improved the sculpt a lot compared to the promotional pictures. The prototype looked great but the final product is STUNNING! It’s Margot Robbie right there! Moreover, I love that this is not a neutral face, Yulli gave her a little smirk. That is so like Harley! Hot Toys has done a great job on the pigtails as well in terms of paint application. You can see a little bit of blond in the middle of the red and blue. Plus, they carefully sculpted each piercing, earring on her ears, like I said with Yulli you always get the best.



This is a great figure with a stunning headsculpt! Now, which of the two Birds Of Prey figures should you get? I would say go for your favorite version of her outfits or pick the two! In fact, I’m considering picking the second figure as well!

The Hot Toys Harley Quinn from Birds Of Prey is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States and is available to pre-order NOW! 


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