October 4, 2023

The anime Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead premieres this weekend on Crunchyroll!

The hit manga series Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is getting its anime adaptation! Today, Crunchyroll has announced they had officially acquired the streaming rights for the anticipated anime! The series will begin its simulcast this Sunday (July 9) at 10:00 AM BST (British Summer Time). New episodes will stream every week on Crunchyroll around the world. In Japan, this anime airs on MBS and TBS. You can’t say no to a zombie anime!

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is animated by the studio BUG FILMS and directed by Kazuki Kawagoe (Komi Can’t Communicate). The series is written by Hiroshi Seko (VINLAND SAGAAttack on Titan Final SeasonMob Psycho 100).  Additional production credits include character design by Kii Tanaka (PuraOre! Pride of Orange), zombie design by Junpei Fukuchi (Pokémon), and music composed by Makoto Miyazaki (SPY x FAMILYOne Punch Man). The opening theme ‘Song of the Dead” is performed by KANA-BOON. The ending theme “Happiness of the Dead” is performed by Shiyui (シユイ). KANA-BOON is a band well-known to anime fans for working on several anime openings/endings (Sarazanmai, My Hero Academia…).

Japanese voice cast and characters:

  • Shuichiro Umeda as Akira Tendo/Akira
  • Tomori Kusunoki as Shizuka Mikazuki/Shizuka
  • Makoto Furukawa as Kenichiro Ryuzaki/Kencho
  • Minami Takahashi as Beatrix Amerhauser

The manga is written by Haro Aso (Alice in Borderland) and illustrated by Kotaro Takata. It is currently serialised in Shogakukan’s Monthly Sunday Gene-X in Japan and distributed in English in North America by Viz Media. Fans of the series are getting the double adapatation this year as the anime premieres this weekend and Netflix’s live-action film arrives August 3.


With three years under his belt at the company from hell, Akira Tendo is mentally and physically spent. All at the ripe old age of twenty-four. Even his crush from Accounting, Saori, wants nothing to do with him. Then, just when life is beginning to look like one big disappointment, it happens. The zombie apocalypse descends on Japan! Surrounded by hordes of hungry zombies, Akira comes to a realisation that will forever change his life… “Wait, does this mean I never have to go to work again?” Confess to… party like it’s… travel Japan coast to… Now, with his nightmare job no longer, Akira’s got his mojo back. Let the bucket listing begin!!

Crunchyroll will feature Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead subtitled in English, French, German, Italian, Castilian Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Hindi, Russian, and Arabic. The series will also be dubbed in English, French, German, Italian, Castilian Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Hindi. Dub launches will be announced at a later date.

SOURCE: Crunchyroll

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