February 6, 2023
Thoughts on Star Wars Resistance

Megan explores the evolution of Star Wars Resistance and its transition from inferiority to must-see television

Star Wars: Resistance. For a show that began as pretty hokey and something I wasn’t looking forward to, transformed into something I actually couldn’t wait to see every week. As some or all of you may know, within the last few weeks or so, there was an episode of this show that glitched and wasn’t put on the Disney Now app. It actually took about a good thirty-six hours for the issue to be resolved on the app.

Thoughts on Star Wars Resistance

In the meantime, that left people like me who couldn’t even access it on demand, stuck waiting until it’s normal show time, 10pm, to finally watch it. Well, actually, that’s not entirely true. While I do live on the west coast of the United States, somehow my Disney Now app receives the east coast feed. This meant that as I was working out on the stationary bike at the gym, I could also finally see the new episode. The only problem was, I had already been pushing myself on the bike for a good fifteen minutes or so. In other words, by the time the episode ended, commercials and all, I surprised myself by being able to walk after.

Back on the topic of the season overall, I told that story to help emphasize my point about just how much this show has changed and transformed over the course of just one season. Does this mean the show has reached its peak and doesn’t have room to grow and improve? Of course not! In Kaz’s character alone there are plenty of things that could be improved, not the least of which is his aim with a blaster. Someone (Poe) please get that kid to a shooting range so he doesn’t hurt himself let alone others. It’s a wonder he hasn’t already.

Thoughts on Star Wars Resistance

Speaking of Kaz…oh wow, how much has he changed in my eyes over the course of just this first season. While *spoiler alert* his cover as a spy is now blown, towards the end, I actually began believing that he was, is and can continue to be a spy in some way for the Resistance. Maybe not a Fulcrum level deep undercover spy, but a spy none-the-less. While not much bothers me with characters (confession: I actually didn’t mind Ahsoka in the Clone Wars movie, as that’s just how preteens/teens are), Kaz just found a way to get under my skin and annoy the hell out of me throughout the first episode. Honestly, was he trying to get killed within his first twenty-four hours (or however long a day is) on Castilon? It seemed like he was doing everything except wearing a neon sign that read, ‘Hi, I’m a spy for the Resistance!’

Now, heading into part two of the finale, he’s actually quite likable. At this point, I no longer feel as if he’s going to get captured and/or killed every time he steps foot outside of Yeager’s shop. As seen in part one of the finale, he can actually hold his own in a fight against a single stormtrooper. Considering where he started, this is definitely an improvement. I can see it now, Poe teaches him how to shoot and Yeager (after being rescued of course), teaches him how to fight. Kind of like how Rex and Kanan were towards the end of Star Wars Rebels.

Thoughts on Star Wars Resistance

Sorry, after going off on a bit of a tangent, what I am trying to say is that while there is still work to be done on this show, particularly with its main character Kaz, it has grown on me. Over the course of just this one season, it went from a show that I was only watching in order to keep up with the rest of the Star Wars community and had no plans of staying up to watch every Sunday when it came on the Disney Now app, to one I now gladly stay up to watch.

The funny thing is though, something I have prided myself on ever since I accidentally began doing it basically ever since episode one of this show, is not seeing any previews for upcoming episodes. As of the writing of this post, the only promotional material I have seen for this show is the season and midseason trailers. Every time I’ve seen even part of a trailer or clip, or thumbnail on YouTube, I fight my instinct to watch it or click on it as fast as I can so I can go into each episode as blind as possible. In this way, each part of every episode is a surprise and as enjoyable as possible from beginning to end. Even when there was the delay of that one episode a few weeks back, I resisted the temptation to see the preview on YouTube or anywhere. It wasn’t easy, but with the help of needing to look for a job, writing for here and my own personal site, along with daily life, I somehow made it into that episode completely unspoiled.

Star Wars: Resistance Renewed fo a Second Season

As a matter of fact, my decision to do this really helped me this past weekend I was up in the mountains with my family. It made the wait for it that much better. Despite being away from home on a family trip, I knew I couldn’t miss part one of this finale. I had made it this far without seeing any excess promotional material, and I was not going to let it end now. Knowing I was going to be insanely busy the next morning doing more family stuff, I waited until midnight, popped some headphones on so as to not disturb my aunt whom I was sharing a room with, and enjoyed watching part one. Like I said, I have now been dragged in and have to know how this season ends.

Speaking of ending, is this show as good as Rebels? No, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be. If I recall correctly, this show is aimed at a slightly younger crowd then Rebels was. Where that show was aimed more for preteens and teens, Resistance is aimed more for young kids and preteens. That said, it doesn’t mean that only those age groups can enjoy this show. As evidenced by not only myself, but also people like Blind Wave, and Tatooine Sons amongst others, far more than just those age groups this show is targeted at can get enjoyment out of this show.

Thoughts on Star Wars Resistance

Going into part two of the finale, I can’t help but optimistically wait for it. Which questions will be answered, which will be left dangling to be answered in season two, and which new questions will be raised only to also be answered in season two? Considering how I began the season being unable to care any less, I can’t help but be surprised at just how drawn in I’ve been. Then again, it’s a team led by Dave Filoni, so how surprised should I really be?


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