September 30, 2023
Gemini Man | The Trailer Debuts

It’s Smith Vs Smith In Director Ang Lee’s New Movie

The trailer for the brand new Will Smith movie, entitled ‘Gemini Man‘ has hit the wires within the past hour.

Directed by Oscar-winning Director, Ang Lee, the film details an ageing assassin (Smith), tired of the game and attempting to get himself out of that world alive being forced to defend himself against a younger clone of himself (Also Smith, via CGI de-aging), the only person more dangerous than he is. An opponent who can predict and know his every move and action.

The film co-stars Clive Owen and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and will find its way onto movie screens worldwide this coming October.

Also released is the film’s first poster.

Gemini Man | The Trailer Debuts

First impressions make the film look like an all-action thriller/Sci-Fi actioner. And it looks good so far. And it’s great to welcome ‘The Fresh Prince’ back to the silver screen again.

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Gemini Man | The Trailer Debuts

Gemini Man is in cinemas on October 11th.


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Source: Paramount Pictures


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