Marvel Legends Review | Iron Man MK-LXXXV (Avengers Endgame)

Thomas goes beyond the aesthetics of the new Hasbro Iron Man figure and finds another disappointing addition to the Hasbro’s premium line

The third wave of Marvel Legends from Avengers Endgame has finally been released in Europe! The wave includes 6 figures and the Build-A-Figure is Thor!


Iron Man MK-LXXXV comes with 2 additional interchangeable hands, 4 blast effects and the Nanotech gauntlet. The gauntlet is in two parts and the hand is articulated so it’s possible it could fit on the BAF Hulk from the second wave, I don’t have it so I can’t try.

Marvel Legends Review | Iron Man MK-LXXXV (Avengers Endgame)

The armor is accurate, there is no doubt about it but the paint apps on this figure are rubbish at best, it’s not even the same colors on the bust than on the legs. The shoulders have a nice golden paint but the other parts of the armor that are in gold have bad paint and it really looks bad. The red is super flashy and feels like it’s from a $5 figure and not a Marvel Legends. The eyes on the helmet have sloppy paint apps as well. I barely have anything good to say about this figure.

This figure has 22 points of articulation.


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Final Thoughts:

Overall, this figure is an easy pass, it’s a bad figure and seems like Hasbro has made no effort on it. The only thing worth buying it for is the BAF part for Thor. However, if you really want this armor and missed out on the exceptional S.H. Figuarts release, this might be the only way to get it.


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