December 9, 2022

Annlyel explores which characters could fill the void left by Hawkeye’s potential cancellation…

If you’re a Marvel fan I’m sure you’ve heard the news surrounding Jeremy Renner and the wince-worthy allegations thrown at him by his ex-wife. If you haven’t, well, it isn’t pretty. Some people think that Jeremy Renner will get replaced in the role of Clint Barton. The allegations are so bad, however, that I’m not sure the Hawkeye series will even happen come 2021. So, if it is, in fact, removed from the schedule of upcoming Marvel projects which series should replace it?

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Well, there are some compelling choices to choose from. There’s MoonknightMs. Marvel, and She-Hulk, all of which sound amazing, by the way. I think if there was one to choose I’d prefer Ms. Marvel.

Ever since learning about the character and seeing her in the cartoons, I have been thrilled at the prospect of her getting her very own live-action debut in a future Marvel movie. And then, after Captain Marvel made her Marvel Studios debut this year, it was pretty much set in stone that Khamala Khan would be showing up sooner rather than later. And with her getting her own Disney Plus series, she’ll have a greater chance to shine instead of making her debut alongside other heroes that we’ve grown more familiar with.

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Honestly, I’m hoping the Hawkeye series isn’t tanked because that would be truly unfortunate but no matter what happens we can all look forward to plenty of Marvel entertainment coming our way in the future.


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