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“In Frozen 2, there are so many amazing moments that have impacted me in a way I never thought an animated movie would”

Frozen 2 is finally here and after several great trailers (and perhaps too many teasers) we can assess whether the success of Frozen was a fluke. I can confirm that Frozen 2 is certainly worthy of the hype, it’s even better than the first. Frozen 2 is an incredible sequel that both embraces the first film whilst venturing into new territory. It is a combination of highly emotional moments and laughable comedy, it’s a mature Disney Princess movie that breaks the traditional formula. I am so excited about this film and I cannot wait to watch it over and over.

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The film reunites us with our favourites: Anna (Kristen Bell), Elsa (Idina Menzel), Olaf (Josh Gad), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and Sven as they travel to the enchanted forest and beyond in order to save Arendelle from the spirits of the forest: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. The narrative follows the two sisters as they uncover their destiny and discover the truth. This is a completely original narrative that is captive and emotive. So how does Frozen 2 break from tradition? There is no villain! There is no villain song, no big baddie ruining the lives of our hero’s. But the lack of villain does not impact this story at all, the narrative is so strong that there is no need for a villain. In terms of emotion, I have seen Frozen 2 twice already and both times I nearly cried three times, there is so much meaning in this film, from love and loss to belonging and happiness. Olaf once again provides us with much needed comic relief – I actually found him funnier this time and his re-enaction of Frozen was brilliant, I could watch that scene on repeat.

Frozen 2 Review

The relationship between Anna and Elsa is once again at the very heart of this film. Throughout this film, their paths lead them to self-discovery and acceptance. Elsa becomes the free magically spirit she was always intended to be and it’s magical to finally see her feel comfortable into her own skin. The power that radiates from Elsa when she saves Arendelle is Avengers Level awesome. Anna once again discovers her inner strength, whilst showing some of the insecurity we’ve always seen in Elsa. When Anna awakens the rock giants to destroy the dam her courage in the face of possible death after losing both her sister and Olaf is inspirational. Elsa and Anna are great inspiring female characters, that offer deep emotions and humanity whilst facing magical problems. Anna and Elsa are a breath of fresh air and I love them.

Frozen 2 Review

Let’s discuss visuals and songs! Frozen was considered the best Disney musical event since The Lion King which meant Frozen 2 had a lot to live up to. I personally think that the songs in Frozen 2 are not as catchy, but saying that I’ve been listening to them on repeat. My personal favourite is ‘Show Yourself’, it’s an incredibly powerful song full of meaning and self-discovery. Idina Menzel blows me away once again, her voice is insane! ‘All is Found’ is also a standout song that flows throughout the film in an eerie but beautiful way. Visual wise Frozen 2 blows Frozen away, Frozen lacked detail and beauty in its animation, but Frozen 2 has taken queues from Tangled and the result is a visual masterpiece. There is so much detail in every shot, the colours blend perfectly and at points, the image looked so realistic that I had to remind myself that I was watching an animation. The animators that created this film are so incredibly talented.

Frozen 2 Review

Final Thoughts:

I would urge you all to see Frozen 2 at the cinema, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. There are so many amazing moments that have impacted me in a way I never thought an animated movie aimed at a child would. I am so grateful that Disney is making films about inspirational female characters and I hope that Frozen 2 is as successful as the first. Frozen 2 is a visual masterpiece full of magic and emotion and I loved it.

Frozen 2 is distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and is playing in cinemas everywhere NOW!


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  1. Darcie…I am a 58 year old man and I find Frozen 2 to be a profound film, animated or otherwise. I blogged about it on my website below as “The Gospel According to Olaf.” Glad to “meet” a fellow major fan of this incredible, groundbreaking movie in Disney animated “children’s” films.

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