December 6, 2023
Star Wars The Clone Wars Official Trailer Disney Plus

Everything is about to change in the new trailer for Star Wars The Clone Wars – streaming on Disney Plus from Feb. 21

With the countdown on to the debut of the highly anticipated final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, all eyes are on Dave Filoni and Disney Plus to deliver the mother of all finales. The teaser trailer was unleashed upon fans at Star Wars Celebration last year and it promised to deliver a truly memorable final chapter to what has been the definitive Star Wars animated series.

Well, sit back and take a deep breathe because today, Star Wars and Disney Plus have unleashed an all-new trailer which is sure to leave you lost for words. Check it out:

Holy Force. The final season looks absolutely spectacular – and delivers on its promise to bring the series to a close in breathtaking fashion. Just the idea of witnessing Ahsoka Tano unleashing her lightsabers in an epic duel with Darth Maul is tantalising enough, but when added to the dark overtones eluding to the sinister events yet to transpire, this season is definitely adding some welcome gravitas to the saga.

And yet, there’s more. If the trailer wasn’t enough to have you palpitating, the studio has also revealed a glorious new poster which you can see below:

Star Wars The Clone Wars Poster

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Final Season launches on Disney Plus from Feb. 21st.


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