October 5, 2022
My Favorite Star Wars Moment

In celebration of Star Wars Day, Max reveals his all-time favorite Star Wars moment

Star Wars is packed full of incredible moments via movies, books, comics, games, and television shows. The task to try to pick a favorite moment for this exciting Star Wars day almost seems daunting…almost, however, there is one moment that stands above the rest…

The Dark Nest Trilogy

In the “Dark Nest Trilogy”, the Dark Hive Mind possessed Jedi, Raynor Thul fired a Force push at Grandmaster Luke Skywalker. Luke ground himself so deeply in the Force that it was said that not even a black hole could dislodge him. He became an immovable object and reaffirmed for me that NOTHING is stronger than the Force.


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Max Nocerino is a new addition to the Future of the Force roster. He is a passionate Star Wars fan and loves the literature of the galaxy far, far away. Follow him on Twitter @MaxN2100 where he channels his passion frequently!


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