August 19, 2022
Star Wars Hasbro Black Series Kit Fisto Review

Thomas checks out Hasbro‘s hotly-anticipated new Jedi Master

Hasbro’s latest Black Series wave is focused on Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, it was about time they did a Prequel wave! Kit Fisto is getting his first 6-inch figure so it’s a reason to celebrate Hasbro making Jedi figures and hopefully, many more are coming.


I want to start with the accessories, which are the main negative aspect. It only comes with Fisto’s lightsaber, no soft goods cape. We all know it’s unlikely that Hasbro will produce another Fisto figure so it would have been great to give him that Jedi robe! The lightsaber is the correct one except for the colors, they just repacked Grievous‘ lightsaber but Fisto’s lightsaber is silver, it doesn’t have black parts on it. Plus, it doesn’t have anything to attach it on the belt while the belt has a hole for the lightsaber … It’s a collectors line, you expect the best but Hasbro still struggles with laziness.


The figure itself is simply amazing, they got the right colors for Fisto’s outfit and recreated beautifully his AOTC headsculpt! One small detail that I really love – one of the hands has a different position than the closed hand that holds a weapon. It’s the little details that make the difference. It has good paint apps except on the back of the tentacles some elastic bands should be brown and instead are painted in the color of Fisto’s skin. Once again, it’s lazy on Hasbro’s part, it wouldn’t have taken much effort to get it right.

This figure has 19 points of articulation so you can get some pretty Jedi awesome poses!

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Final Thoughts

Yes it has some flaws due to Hasbro’s laziness but this is a must-have figure, it’s a great one! More Jedi, please!


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