Action hero Mike Banning will return for Night Has Fallen

You just can’t keep a good (and extremely profitable) action hero down.

After three previous adventures that have put millions of dollars into their coffers, Millennium Media has decided to unveil the fourth film in the Gerard Butler ‘Fallen‘ action franchise.  Although the plot is being kept tightly under wraps at the moment, ‘Night Has Fallen‘ will once again bring Butler’s character of Mike Banning back to the silver screen again. Robert Kamen is on writing duties alongside Ric Roman Waugh, who is returning to take the director’s chair once again. Millennium Media will once again produce with the action due to take place in front of the cameras at their Nu Boyana Studios in Sofia,  Bulgaria, and various locations across Europe.


The three previous films in the franchise, starting with ‘Olympus Has Fallen‘ in 2013 and continuing through ‘London Has Fallen‘ in 2016 and ‘Angel Has Fallen‘ in 2019 has so far pulled in over $500million around the world, all on relatively small budgets and giving the audience varying degrees of quality. The original two films and in particular ‘Olympus Has Fallen‘, were great action-packed entertainment and gripped the audience throughout, despite some outlandish plot twists at times. ‘Angel Has Fallen‘ was still good in its own right but I felt that something was missing and seemed to be a retread of ‘Taken 3‘ which was a mistake in my eyes.


There have been no casting announcements as yet or any word of Morgan Freeman or indeed, Aaron Eckhart will be returning to the franchise again. ‘Angel Has Fallen‘, despite having Freeman now becoming the President Of The United States, was missing Eckhart’s presence and didn’t feel quite right. However, if both, one or neither of the actors return in this fourth installment, when ‘Night Has Fallen‘ opens at the movies, you can bet that I will be one of the first people through the doors to see it, ready to see what Gerard Butler and company has in store for us this time.


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