October 3, 2022

The first track from Zack Snyder’s Justice League Official Soundtrack has been released – The Crew at Warpower by Tom Holkenborg

In just over a month, the waiting will all be over, and ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League‘ will finally be with us. Giving us all the chance to see the definitive version of what Snyder envisaged all those years ago. The trailers and snippets of footage that we have been given so far have scratched the surface of what we will be seeing very soon. Also, Danny Elfman‘s score for the original version is gone. Replaced by Tom Holkenberg’s soundtrack that was initially composed for Snyder’s version of the film.



How different is Holkenberg’s music from Elfman’s? Zack Snyder has unveiled the first piece of music from his version of the film. Entitled ‘The Crew At Warpower‘ and lasting for almost seven minutes, Holkenberg’s music is far removed from the score Danny Elfman provided to the Joss Whedon version. Take a listen:

The music is totally different but also seems fitting to what is probably a much darker vision this time around. Gone is Elfman’s classic ‘Batman‘ theme and the light and airy music. In comes Holkenberg’s pounding and more haunting cues. All I ask is that the ‘Batman‘ theme from Snyders’  ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice‘ is used once again. Alongside Hans Zimmer’s cues from ‘Man Of Steel‘ and the ‘Wonder Woman‘ theme HAS to be used during the film. But from what we hear ahead of the film hitting HBO MAX on March 18th, we are almost certainly assured that the film will be something we haven’t seen or heard before.

What do you think of the new score? Drop us a line and share your thoughts.

Source: WaterTower Music


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