Fanfare of Adolescence launches a pop up shop in OIOI.

Good news, Fanfare of Adolescence is doing yet another collaboration. This time, it is a pop up shop in OIOI. It starts on May 27 and ends on July 3. Moreover, it will go to three different cities – Shibuya from May 27 to June 5, Hakata from June 11 to June 19 and Kobe from June 25 to July 3. Obviously, there is a new illustration. This collab focuses on Yu, Shun, Amane and Aki. They are featured in their jockey outfit.

As usual, there will be several goods available. You can buy badges, acrylic stands, acrylic keychains, bromides, a napkin, candy cans and postcards. Moreover, goods featuring all the characters in chibi version will also be available. This includes bromides, badges, acrylic stands and postcards.

So this is great for Japanese fans. However, international fans do not worry some of the goods will be available at the OIOI online shop.


Fanfare of Adolescence is now streaming on Crunchyroll.


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