December 7, 2023
Hot Toys Anakin Skywalker Clone Wars Review

The Hot Toys Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker is a great figure that comes with a fantastic headsculpt and some good accessories.”

The latest addition to The Clone Wars line from Hot Toys is Anakin Skywalker from seasons 1 to 3. There are four different versions – the basic version, the special edition, the STAP version, and the STAP special edition. The special edition includes a Poncho and the STAP versions include the STAP vehicle. Otherwise, the figure itself is the same for all versions. Today, we are reviewing the special edition.


It is your usual Star Wars box. Which means it is a black box with a picture of the figure and the Star Wars logo. The colored strip for Clone Wars figures is blue and yellow. On that, you also have additional pictures. Then, if you order your figure at Sideshow Collectibles, you will have the Sideshow Exclusive sticker. While if you get it from the Asian markets, you will have the Hot Toys exclusive sticker.


This figure has some really good accessories. The display base is your usual Star Wars interior base. This one is painted in dark gray with a little bit of rust. Anakin comes with eight good hands. Though it would have been even better if they had included two fist hands as well. He has two hands to hold the lightsaber, two hands to hold the comlink and two different Force hands.  The comlink is the same that came with previous figures. And with it, you have an Obi-Wan hologram and a Yoda hologram used for Ahsoka. Plus you have an Ahsoka hologram from season seven while this Anakin outfit is from season one to three. It is just a little detail I wanted to point out. Because it is a mistake. Then, there are two thermal detonators, one full and one half. We have already seen this with other figures.


Anakin comes with his lightsaber. It is the same saber that came with the Revenge of the Sith figure. It is nicely detailed with a good and shiny paint app. The saber has a normal blade and an action blade as usual for most Jedi figures. Moreover, you have the LED light-up feature arm. It is always a cool feature to have.

Furthermore, there are also two styles of armors that includes the chest piece and shoulder pads. The first one is battle damaged. And it is more accurate to how it would look in live-action. The second one has a clean look. It is also longer with lighter paint and smaller shoulder pads. I am not sure why it was included. Nevertheless, it is nice to have different options. On these two armors, you can attach a cape. We didn’t see this in The Clone Wars but it certainly looks cool! I like it!

Finally, for the special edition, you have the poncho that he wears in an episode of season one. It has wires inside so you can pose it. Which is always good when you want to give your figure an action pose. 


This is Anakin’s Clone Wars outfit from the first three seasons. So it is not the usual Jedi robes. Actually, this is an outfit more adapted to war. In terms of colors, we are going away from Anakin’s usual Jedi attire. This time, the main colors are blue and burgundy. The belt uses a mix of pleather and plastic. The gloves and the armor pieces are all made of plastic as well. While the boots use pleather. They are actually a re-use of the boots from the previous Anakin figure. They can be damaged over time if you are not careful. Though, the rest of the outfit is made of fabric. Thus, you can safely leave the figure in an action pose for a long period.

Hot Toys has definitely done a great job recreating Anakin’s outfit in a live-action style. Hopefully, they will announce Obi-Wan. I would love to complete the team. The blue skirt has some wires inside. This means if you give your figure an action pose, you can adjust it! It always gives more realism to the figure. As usual, the lightsaber can be attached to the belt. On a side note, because the gauntlets end at the level of the hand when you change hands just be careful.


As for the headsculpt, it was made by Jang So Young and painted by JC Hong. This is a brand new face sculpt and new hair sculpt as well. It is not Kojun’s sculpture from Revenge of the Sith. Jang So Young has done an incredible job. It really looks like Hayden Christensen. For the hair, they tried to translate his animated haircut into live-action. And I think they have done a pretty good job here. The head and the neck are just one piece. So it always looks better this way. The head moves on each side, he can look up and look down.



This is a great Hot Toys Anakin Skywalker figure that comes with a fantastic headsculpt and some good accessories. It is a great opportunity for fans to get an Anakin figure if they had missed out on the Revenge of the Sith version.

The Hot Toys Anakin Skywalker is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States and is available to PRE-ORDER NOW! 

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