September 21, 2023

“This Hot Toys Black Panther figure will be a great addition to your Marvel collection. This is an imposing and highly detailed figure with an amazing headsculpt!”

The latest Black Panther figure is here! Hot Toys has given an update to their original suit figure to match their current standard of quality. But is this one worth getting? Let’s unbox the figure and find out!


The box has a wonderful design. I really like the pattern they have used all over the box. In the middle, there is a picture of the character. There are some writings on each side. Hot Toys has used the iconography of Wakanda all over the box. It is one of my favorite Marvel boxes so far! Similar to the Star Wars boxes, it doesn’t have a window box. So, instead when you remove the first part of the box, you get a promotional picture featuring the shadow of a panther and Wakanda in the background. It’s really cool!

In terms of accessories, you get some nice stuff to recreate different moments from the Black Panther film. The stand is a beautiful one. You get the Black Panther mask in the middle with Wakandan patterns around it. Then, he has 7 hands. It’s not a lot but I think you still get exactly what you need. There are 2 fist hands, 1 hand to hold the weapon or the mask, 2 attack mode claw hands, and 2 gesture hands.

He also has weapons – a spear and a shield. They both have nice metallic paint. And I love the texture of the shield, they tried to give it a wood-like texture. For the spear, they used plastic and not fabric for the handle. This way, it won’t get damaged because you try to put it in the hand or remove it. Finally, he has a Wakanda warrior mask that is wearable on the headsculpt. It’s a nicely detailed accessory.

Hot Toys Review | Black Panther (Original Suit)


I am glad that Hot Toys allowed collectors to get a Black Panther figure. After Chadwick Boseman’s passing, resellers raised their prices to an insane amount, making money out of someone’s death is wrong for all kinds of reasons. This new figure of Black Panther allows collectors to get it for the normal price and this counters the bad practices of resellers.

This is an updated version of the previous original suit figure. This one has an enhanced muscular body and it shows. You can feel the muscles under the suit. This is an imposing figure. Obviously, because of the material used for the suit, I would recommend not leaving the figure in the same action pose for a long period.

The suit itself is also highly detailed with improved suit texture detail. Just looking at the arms, you can see different types of textures and so many details. Hot Toys has done great work with this figure. They also have done a fantastic job on the helmet trying to get every detail right.

Hot Toys Review | Black Panther (Original Suit)


The headsculpt is really spot on. When I look at it it’s Chadwick Boseman. The color of his skin, the hair texture, the lips, it’s an amazing work! I’m especially impressed with the hair texture and how Hot Toys has been able to sculpt that so accurately. I don’t know if we will ever get another Black Panther figure but I would say this is the ultimate Chadwick Boseman headsculpt! The only thing missing would be the separate rolling eyeballs.

You can also display the figure with the warrior mask. He looks good like this as well! Personally, I would leave that mask on the headsculpt for a long period, I wouldn’t want the paint of the mask to fade on the headsculpt.



This Hot Toys Black Panther figure will be a great addition to your Marvel collection. This is an imposing and highly detailed figure with an amazing headsculpt!

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