December 9, 2023

Stuart Gatt’s Debut Film, Catching Dust, Will Premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in the Best UK Film Competition.

Writer/director Stuart Gatt’s debut feature film, Catching Dust is to receive a UK premiere. After its world premiere earlier in the year at the Tribeca Film Festival, the movie will premiere at the Raindance Film Festival. It is entered into the Best UK Film Competition. Starring Erin Moriarty, Jai Courtney. The screening of the film featuring Dina Shihabi and Ryan Corr will take place at Curzon Cinema in London’s Soho on October 28th at 6 pm, followed by a Q&A with Gatt.

Erin Moriarty
Erin Moriarty


Geena (Erin Moriarty) and her violent criminal husband Clyde (Jai Courtney) hide out in an abandoned commune in the Texas desert. Hunted by the law and his former gang members looking to settle old scores. Geena is desperate for interaction with the outside world. And is exhausted by Clyde’s controlling ways. She decides to leave, but a trailer suddenly arrives carrying Amaya (Dina Shihabi). And Andy (Ryan Corr), a vacationing couple from New York City seeking to save their troubled marriage. Ignoring the risks their presence will bring, Geena convinces Clyde to let them stay. A decision with dangerous consequences for them all.


Writer and director Stuart Gatt is an award-winning British filmmaker of mixed Asian heritage. Many authors draw inspiration from current social issues when crafting their stories. His short film, My Beautiful White Skin, tackled skin lightening amongst the British Asian diaspora and starred Red Notice’s Ritu Arya. His penultimate film The Dead Sea, starred BAFTA-nominated Sope Dirisu and focused on the plight of Libyan refugees’ perilous journey into Europe. Catching Dust is Stuart Gatt’s feature debut, based on his original script and had its World Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year.

Stuart Gatt
Stuart Gatt

Catching Dust will premiere at the Raindance Film Festival on Saturday, October 28th. For details on the Raindance Film Festival or to book tickets, click here.





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