December 11, 2023
Could 'The Batman' Be the Next 'Joker'?

Could Matt Reeves’ The Batman go on to become an Academy Award winner like Joker? Annlyel investigates

Joker; it’s the film everyone was talking about late last year as Joaquin Phoenix danced onscreen with his startling makeup, effortlessly portraying a rather deranged mental case of a human being in a dark and twisted movie that never stopped being brilliantly displayed for our eyeballs to see. The movie was really, really good and can easily stand the test of time. The film would go on to be nominated for eleven! Oscars but would only go on to win two, one of which made history as Hildur Guðnadóttir became the first female composer to win an Oscar for Best Original Score.

Best Original Score: Joker - Oscars 2020

Now, with the lackluster Birds of Prey in theaters and Wonder Woman 1984 not making me that excited I can’t help missing the thrill of seeing a gritty DC Comics film that doesn’t play by the rules in striving to be conventional or family-friendly. And, yeah, from what I’ve heard, Birds of Prey is anything but conventional…but it doesn’t look that enticing either.

Birds of Prey High-Res Images Unveiled by Warner Bros.

However, with next year’s slate of DCEU films coming our way (Shazam! 2The Suicide SquadAquaman 2, and Black Adam) it’s safe to say that I’m pretty excited for next year. But where is that next gritty, Oscar-worthy DC Comics film that’ll have people talking Well, maybe the next comic book movie phenomenon will feature another agent of Gotham. One that we all know and love. And his name is Batman.

Aquaman Featured

According to an actor who will be in the film, Peter Sarsgaard, this newest rendition of Batman will be “raw and unsanitized.” He even went further to mention that he had some ‘late 80s-early 90s’ punk rock’ going on to add only extra depth to his description of the newest dark knight to fawn over.

Sounds pretty cool, right? I think so.

But does this mean The Batman is going to be your typical summer blockbuster or is it going to try to tell a story with a little more depth? One that could potentially get nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay like Logan two years ago. Especially considering that this movie is not part of the DCEU franchise but rather rests under the independent DC Comics side of things.

Who Will Be the Next Batman?

Honestly, you are listening to the hopes of a young woman who wants more comic book movies told with as much and detail as Joker. For so long, comic book movies have been considered popcorn flicks but Todd Phillips helped change that narrative in a really bold and exciting way.

Here’s to hoping The Batman is the next comic book movie gem.


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