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Max explores the mentality of Rick Sanchez in Rick And Morty

Rick Sanchez is the duotaganist in the popular animated series, Rick and Morty which airs on Adult Swim and is currently in its fourth season. Rick is an elderly, presumably Hispanic man with a love of alcohol, and an inability to connect with other human beings. He is also hilarious and extremely apathetic. Billed as the “smartest man in the universe”, Rick has produced sci-fi-esque technologies that would rival any sci-fi race like the Galifereyans from Doctor Who and claims that he could do anything; only when he wants to. Since their an infinite amount of universes with an infinite amount of Rick’s, Rick truly does not care about anything (excerpt perhaps his own life) and it has sociopathic connotations. Rick is also as you would expect, an atheist as he has a God complex and believes he is superior to all around him.

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While in terms of IQ; this might be a fact but I always found it odd that if he cares about nothing; why does he pursue science and inventing technology if he has no desire to let it help other people or share it? Rick’s apathy covers another emotion, I feel. He has a desire to achieve in science because honestly, he wants to feed his ego. That’s what matters to Rick Sanchez. He wants to say “Hey, look at me. I’m SO much better than you”. Rick has no point in walking this Earth then instead to please his own superiority and maybe have some psycho fun on the side. This shows that deep down, the real Rick Sanchez is very insecure and is in awe of his grandson Morty even though he always says Morty is an idiot and uses him as a guinea pig.

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Rick hates being the smartest man in the universe. He’d rather be sweet, simple Morty.


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