October 6, 2022
Tenet and Black Widow Featured

Will Tenet and Black Widow follow Mulan to the streaming services?

It’s happened. Disney has sent Mulan to make its debut on Disney+ for a pricy fee at $29.99. Now, compared to what families would actually spend at a movie theater to see this film ($40 or higher), this is a fair price and now fans will get to see the highly-anticipated live-action remake of one of the greatest Disney classics of all time, Mulan. I’m not going to lie. I’m excited but this also opens the floodgates for other movies that are sitting in limbo out there in the universe. Two such films that people have been talking about in recent months concerning this issue have been Black Widow and TENET.


Marvel fans have been clamoring for a Black Widow standalone movie for years only to have to wait even longer when COVID-19 shut down the world in March. Suddenly, we would have to wait a little longer for the superhero’s first (and last) movie but now it seems that our wait could be coming to an end, just not in the way we think.

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As this deadly pandemic gets worse and the chances of movie theaters reopening sooner rather than later grow dimmer it’s becoming very clear to the movie production companies that this is an unprecedented time and as such, they have to act accordingly. Families are at home watching television and we need a good (new) movie to watch. Maybe Disney saw how many people rushed to Disney+ when Hamilton and Black is King was able to stream on the service and their eyes were opened. They realized, at a hefty price of $29.99, they could get a lot of money and one thing Disney loves is those green dollar bills. So, will Black Widow be pushed to Disney+? It very well could happen, but here’s the thing, was Mulan going to do as well as Black Widow in theaters? Not likely.


Judging from the first reactions from critics back in March the film was good and received a lot of praise but some felt that it wasn’t able to outshine its classic counterpart. I have a feeling it’s going to be fun but compared to Black Widow which is under Marvel Studios, the chances of it being a great film are very slim. Black Widow is destined to be awesome on the big screen and Disney may want to hold out until November to see what happens with theaters. Remember, Mulan was set to release in theaters this month which of course isn’t going to happen. I feel that, if by late October, theaters are still in limbo, Disney will have no choice but to release Black Widow on Disney+.

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Now, in terms of TENET, Christopher Nolan is going to ride this wave and isn’t backing down. Nolan’s films are designed for the IMAX experience and because he doesn’t make movies often when he arrives with a story it usually tends to be phenomenal. Judging from Nolan’s excitement for viewers to see it, TENET probably won’t be an exception and that means he must keep this film under lock and key until we can see it in theaters. I will wait another year to see TENET on the big screen instead of being forced to watch it at home in a room with a television and sound system that has no IMAX properties whatsoever.


So, who knows what’s going to happen in the next few months for both of these movies but we do know this, Mulan is coming to Disney+. Don’t forget, we can’t leave Wonder Woman 1984 out of the conversation which could easily make its debut on HBO Max if Mulan does well and makes a bunch of money on Disney+.

Like I said before, we’ll see what happens.


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