February 7, 2023
Ripley & Hicks - Alien 5 Concept Art

Is James Cameron about to revive Neil Blomkamp’s incredible plot for Alien 5?!

After the poor performance of Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien‘ prequel ‘Alien: Covenant‘ both critically and box office wise, 20th Century Fox pulled the plug on Neil Blomkamp’s proposed fifth film in the franchise. The screenplay attracted all kinds of positive attention and his storyboard drawing of an older Ripley and a scarred and deformed Dwayne Hicks gave the fans a thrill of anticipation. The story would follow on from James Cameron’s sublime sequel ‘Aliens‘ and disregard the following two entries ‘Alien 3‘ and ‘Alien: Resurrection‘, both considered to be below average and a total letdown to the franchise. Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn expressed great interest in returning to their respective roles and it seemed all systems were go. Sadly, it didn’t happen and we were left to ponder what might have been. However, Disney’s buyout of 20th Century Fox and their desire to continue the franchise once again gave us a sliver of hope that we may yet see a new installment in the 41-year-old franchise. Weaver poured cold water on the prospect a few weeks ago, however, saying that Ripley “Has done her bit-she deserves a rest” and expressed a lack of interest in returning once more.

Ripley & Hicks - Alien 5 Concept Art

Now though, after an interview with IGN, James Cameron has expressed his intention to speak to Neil Blomkamp to resurrect the project once more. Check out the IGN video below to hear his comments.

Cameron returned to ‘The Terminator‘ franchise last year with ‘Terminator: Dark Fate‘ in a producing capacity. Although the film flopped at the box office (unfairly, in my opinion), Cameron wants to return to the world of the xenomorph again, once again on producing duties and for Blomkamp to direct the film version of his screenplay as was originally intended. Weaver has said she would be willing to return to Ripley IF Blomkamp’s screenplay was to be filmed. It is thought that the film would be the swansong for the character and her fate will be finally be revealed by the climax of the film.

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Biehn is ready to return as the Colonial Marine Hicks, one of the standout characters from Cameron’s sequel. And although she is now a teacher and has retired from acting, Carrie Henn has said before she would be interested in appearing again as Rebecca ‘Newt’ Jordan, even if it was just for a brief cameo appearance. If the stars can align and Blomkamp is responsive to the idea, then we may just get that fifth ‘Alien‘ film that we all hoped for. The franchise needs a big boost and this proposed fifth film could be exactly what the franchise needs.

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Cameron though is busy with his ‘Avatar sequels at the moment and Blomkamp has his own films in the pipeline which caused him, among other factors, to step away from his ‘Robocop Returns‘ project, the film now seems dead in the water. These factors have to be taken into account before we can get too excited. Both directors are extremely busy at the moment and that could be a huge stumbling block for the project going forward. But IF they can work out their respective schedules and if they can get the film off the ground then possibly, for one final time, no one in space will hear you scream. Time will tell.


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