September 26, 2023
Review | Loki (Episode 2: The Variant)

Loki delivers a fantastic second episode mixing detective storytelling and adventure. It’s a lot of fun the best Marvel series so far!

It’s Wednesday so that means it’s time for a new episode of Loki! This one is entitled ‘The Variant,’ a reference to Loki himself and his other self that the TVA is hunting.


This episode has Loki working with Mobius and the TVA to catch his other self who threatens the timeline. It’s pretty much a detective story with a side of adventure. And it really works. That’s what I love so much about the MCU series’ – each one has a different style and a different DNA.

Loki Episode 2 -The Variant

The detective and adventure styles work well together for this show. Indeed, it’s a hunt into the timeline of the Variant. So they have to find out where the Variant is and more importantly why. By the end of the episode, we have some of our questions answered.  But obviously, we also have a lot more questions now. The ending is a big cliffhanger which makes us even more excited for next week!

Although episode 1 had a lot of exposition explaining what the TVA is, episode 2 gives us even more details about this organization. It delves further into how the TVA works. And just like last week, I feel the need to mention the score. Natalie Holt is doing such fantastic work with SciFi and Nordic inspirations.


Obviously, Loki is the star of his own show but Mobius is another big highlight. Especially the interactions between the two characters. Mobius very much feels like every Loki fan. He is a fanboy! He is always trying to defend himself and find excuses. And he also knows everything there is to know about Loki. So it’s really fun to see them interact. Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston’s performances add a lot to that.

Loki Episode 2 - The Variant

Loki is as funny as ever. He always puts himself into trouble while plotting a way to betray his coworkers. It’s typical Loki! I love this version of the character. There’s also an emotional dimension to this version. He discovers many things that he hasn’t lived yet. It’s sad to see him learn about it that way.


An important part of the episode focuses on finding where the Variant is hiding. While the final act is the confrontation of this Variant with the reveal of who it is. First of all, this “Loki” is a she who is played by Sophia Di Martino. Loki has black hair but this Lady Loki is blond. Thus, I’ve been thinking that maybe she is the Enchantress. It could make sense since that character is a villain from the Thor comics. As usual, theories are just that. Still, I wanted to mention it.

Loki Episode 2 - The Variant


Loki delivers a fantastic second episode mixing detective storytelling and adventure. It’s a lot of fun and so far the best Marvel series!

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