September 21, 2023
Hot Toys Review | Fennec Shand (Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett)

“The Hot Toys Fennec Shand is an amazing figure, she will look great in your collection next to Boba Fett and his throne.”

The highly anticipated Fennec Shand figure from The Book of Boba Fett is finally here! Boasting a wonderful likeness to Ming-Na Wen and a screen-accurate costume, this should be a figure worthy of any Star Wars fan’s collection. But was it worth the wait? Join us we go beyond the box and see what’s inside!

Hot Toys Fennec Shand Review


This is your usual Star Wars collectibles box. With the Book of Boba Fett figures, the colored strip is yellow-orange and features Boba’s palace. This stays in similar shades of colors as the figures from The Mandalorian but with a lighter tone.

In terms of accessories, Fennec Shand comes with some nice stuff to recreate different scenes from The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. The display base is not your usual sandy display base with footprints. This time as you can see the footprints have been removed. It’s the same type of base that came with Rey from The Rise of Skywalker. It’s a flat base, nice and simple. Then, she comes with seven hands – there are two fist hands, two open hands, two hands to hold the weapons, and one hand to hold the dagger.

In terms of weapons, she has her MK sniper rifle. It’s a big gun with nice details. You can actually insert the dagger at the back of the rifle. Though, don’t leave it there because the dagger can easily fall. The dagger has a subtle metallic feel. She also has a blaster pistol. You can feel the inspiration from Han Solo’s pistol, especially with the handle and the lower part. If you want to recreate the post-credits scene from The Mandalorian season 2 you can with this bottle! It’s a pretty cool accessory to include! Finally, you get three New Republic credits and a string bag. This is to recreate the scene when Fennec recruits Mando to help Boba in The Book of Boba Fett.

Hot Toys Fennec Shand Review


Fennec Shand was a day-one pre-order for me. I love the Mando-Verse and I think her character is badass. After all, it’s Ming-Na Wen. The use of black and orange for her costume is a beautiful combo. The orange really makes it pop. It’s not something you often see in Star Wars, it works for a mercenary. And even if it’s a black outfit, this is a complex one with different textures of fabric and a lot of details.

The boots and gauntlets feel like they’re made of pleather but they’re not. It’s actually plastic, can you believe that? Hot Toys used a paint that recreates the visual pleather, it works incredibly well. I would love to see that more often. We all know that pleather gets damaged over time. But this is a good solution to avoid using pleather. You can’t use plastic for a pleather jacket or pants but for gauntlets and boots, you can. The boots are two separate pieces but because it uses plastic, feet articulation is extremely limited. It’s fine by me since they avoided using pleather.

Hot Toys Fennec Shand Review


The skirt is bendable which allows you to adjust it for poses. There are lines printed all over the skirt, it’s a lot of details. The orange patches at the front are sewn in. The tip at the front and the back both use pleather but it’s not a problem for poses considering where it is. It’s an intricate piece of pleather with each bandage put on top of the other.

The belts can be removed to reveal Fennec’s robotic stomach. The use of black gives the robotic wires some depth but this is otherwise a simple piece of plastic. The skin tone is alright. It’s cool to have that feature, Hot Toys always tries to be the most accurate possible. Though, I won’t display the figure like this.

The torso is a very interesting piece. There are so many different things there. At the front, it’s plain black, that piece of fabric has a buckskin vibe, same for the little piece on the shoulders. And then on the sides and the arms, you find the same line of patterns as on the skirt but in a smaller size. The top of the bust uses another line pattern while the collar and the shoulders use a dot pattern that you can also find on the legs. You also have a little bit of pleather on each side. This is why I said this is a complex costume. As expected from Hot Toys, they nailed it with all these details.

Hot Toys Fennec Shand Review


The headsculpt was made by Taeho Kang and painted by JC Hong. It’s impressive work, it’s so life-like. This is Ming-Na Wen right there. It’s a perfect headsculpt. The scar is beautifully painted on the side. Fennec doesn’t have the easiest haircut to recreate. Nevertheless, remarkable work has been done with the hair as well. The braid actually has wires inside so you can change it for poses and have it rest on her shoulder like she has most of the time in the series. You don’t need rooted hair when you can have plastic hair like this! The only thing missing on this headsculpt is the separate rolling eyeballs.



Fennec Shand is an amazing figure, she will look great in your collection next to Boba Fett and his throne. Hot Toys has done a fantastic job on the highly detailed costume and the headsculpt is impressive!

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