September 21, 2023

Hot Toys shares an updated look at their upcoming Spider-Man figure!

When Hot Toys unveiled their Spider-Man 2099 figure from Across The Spider-Verse, there was an important backlash concerning the use of plastic. Collectors weren’t happy and for a good reason. Indeed, the figure didn’t use a fabric costume, instead it looked like a glorified action figure rather the usual high-end collectible. Hot Toys issued a statement that they would update the figure with the usual fabric costume. We got a peak at this updated figure during their Summer Showcase. And today, they finally made the announcement giving us a full look at the new costume for their Spider-Man 2099 figure. This is exactly what collectors had been asking for!

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse has introduced more Spider-People from an alternate reality’s future including The leader of the Spider Society!
Here’s a detailed look at 1/6th scale Spider-Man 2099 collectible figure in a newly tailored, highly-flexible fabric material. His suit is also decorated with luminous reflective web patterns to capture his signature look on screen. He looks ready to unleash Spider-Power in your collection.

SOURCE: Hot Toys

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