February 3, 2023
Po-Zu | Star Wars Sparkles With Po-Zu's New Rey Silver Boots

Prepare to step into Po-Zu’s latest co-branded footwear and sparkle like Daisy Ridley

Following the success of their incredible Millennium Falcon, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, R2-D2, Rebellion and Resistance sneakers, the incredible team at Po-Zu have set their sights on The Last Jedi. Their amazing ethical range of vegan-friendly boots and sneakers have taken the world by storm in recent years and are flying across the world to take pride of place in Star Wars fans’ collections everywhere.

The greatest characters of the saga have been well represented amongst their exceptional range but now, CEO Sven Seagal and his devoted team are about to choose a side in the struggle against the First Order. Ahead of this year’s highly-anticipated finale of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Po-Zu, the brand behind Rey’s boots (portrayed in the films by actress Daisy Ridley), have released their latest design for fans around the world.


Introducing the Rey Silver Boot.

Rey fans prepare to step into Po-Zu’s latest Star Wars | Po-Zu co-branded footwear design, released for pre-order now, officially under licence by Lucasfilm and Disney. Po-Zu’s bestselling signature boot is famous on and off-screen, and their customers love it for a reason. Rey’s boots have now been re-imagined using shiny sustainable linen that sparkles as you walk. Space as a fashion-trend never looked so stylish.

Sven Segal, Po-Zu Founder and CEO comments:

“Linen is extraordinary in environmental and sustainability terms. It is one of the oldest and strongest in the world and incredibly underused. Not only is it 100% Vegan, it also offers excellent anti-microbial properties, lets your feet breathe, and cools you down in hot weather.”

“We lined the silver linen with organic cotton and added a silver cork heel counter and lacing loops. Cork is another highly sustainable fibre due to its natural and renewable properties and it’s grown locally to our factory in Portugal. The sole is made of natural rubber, tapped from a tree, and a coconut fibre ‘Foot Mattress’. The coconut fibre is a highly sustainable by-product of the coconut trade. These two materials work together to mould to your feet, offer unparalleled comfort and absorb everyday knocks as you walk.”

The new boot is 100% vegan-friendly and made with renewable and sustainable materials such as low impact linen from Spain, coconut fibre for bounce and natural tree tapped rubber. Po-Zu boast this is their most eco-friendly boot to date.

First Look:

Sven and the great team at Po-Zu have excelled with their incredible Star Wars range and have consistently defied our expectations to produce some of the finest footwear in fandom, and the super-cool Rey silver boots are no exception. So, whether you’re travailing the peaks of Ahch-To, walking across the grassy hills of D’Qar or just chilling on Hoth, the all-new Star Wars Rey silver boots are the perfect choice to accentuate your wardrobe.

Feel the force on your feet and order yours here.


Check out the full Po-Zu/StarWars range.


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