December 10, 2023
First Look |The Star Wars Saga Re-Release Blu-Ray Covers

Check out the new Blu-Ray and DVD artwork for the upcoming re-release of the entire Star Wars saga to date

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm from George Lucas back in 2012, the corporation inherited the rights to every single Star Wars movie with the exception of A New Hope. The distribution rights to the saga originator remained in the possession of 20th Century Fox who acquired the privilege from Lucas back in 1976.  Consequently, the media outlet retained the licence to release media relating to A New Hope around the world, which is the reason why the movie currently retains the Fox logo ahead of the movie whereas the rest of the saga does not.

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However, the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney this year has finally cut through the last of the red tape paving the way for Disney to re-release A New Hope under its banner, and it didn’t take very long!

Courtesy of our friends at Fantha Tracks, the Blu-Ray and DVD artwork for the upcoming re-releases has hit the wires and it looks absolutely glorious. The new editions are expected to hit the shelves next month ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Blu-Ray Artwork:

DVD Artwork:

As great as these images are, they are far from the finished versions which are expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks. Fans have been eagerly waiting to see if Disney plans to include the original pre-special edition versions of the original trilogy, however, a recent report has suggested that the house of mouse will uphold George Lucas’ controversial changes for future releases.

We’ll update you as more news emerges.

What do you think of the new artwork? Will you be adding these new releases to your collection or will you be holding fire until the complete boxset hits our shelves next year? Drop us a line and share your thoughts!


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Source: Fantha Tracks

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