December 11, 2023

“As we speed towards what has to be an epic climax, we find ourselves buckling in, ready for what promises to be a rough, emotional, and thrilling ride to the finish.”

Well, what can I say about the new episode of ‘The Boys’ that has debuted? Well, for one thing, it is a slightly uneven mix of comedy, action, drama, and violence this week. But once again, the episode is completely enjoyable and entertaining while also being completely unsuitable for children and your Granny! I will try and keep spoilers to a minimum but be warned, I will reference things that appeared in last week’s episode so if you haven’t yet seen it, please stop reading this review now. I mean it! FINAL WARNING!!

‘The Boys’ Season 2 – Episode 6: ‘The Bloody Doors Off’


Did you decide to press on? Cool! We start with a flashback to Frenchie and his life eight years before the episode starts. Frenchie was kind of a terrorist before he joined up with Butcher and Mother’s Milk but is tormented by his failure to stop the superhero known as ‘Lamplighter‘ from murdering children when he should have been watching him. Instead, Frenchie is called home to deal with a friend who has suffered a drug overdose, a decision that will come back to haunt him. Meanwhile, new power couple Stormfront and Homelander confront a thief in an alley. Instead of handing him over to the police, during a heavy petting session which leads to the inevitable outcome in a doorway, Homelander kills the thief in cold blood in a rather nasty and pretty gory way. Although the scene is nasty and horrifying, it is also quite comedic which brings a sense of fun to proceedings.


Starlight has decided to help Hughie and the team out and with that choice made, gets Frenchie to remove her tracking chip from her body by cutting it out in a scene that isn’t for the squeamish or those who are about to undergo surgery. With Butcher snidely and sarcastically welcoming her to the team, the entire team sets out on a mission to a mental facility. Starlight’s absence is noted on the set of the film ‘Dawn Of The 7‘ with Ashley frantically looking and trying to find her. Frenchie sarcastically welcomes Kimiko back into the fold which earns him a one-finger salute from the mute woman. But on their mission inside the facility, Frenchie, Mother’s Milk, and Kimiko are stunned by what they find and see within the walls. And who they find and see within the facility impacts on at least one of the three.


Queen Maeve is approached by The Deep, who has found what she was looking for under the sea and hands it to her. Maeve hopes that this will be what she needs to bring Homelander down but what she has been after will impact on her and her relationship with Elena in a big way. The Deep meets up with A-Train on the set of the 7 movie and after a tense discussion between the pair, A-Train accepts an offer to go with The Deep to lunch at the Church Of The Collective which doesn’t go down too well with the athletic member of the seven after Deep reveals his true feelings towards A-Train. But A-Train is convinced to stay and listen to Deep’s feelings which could lead to him also joining the Church Of The Collective which in turn could lead the way for them both to return to the seven.


Stormfront lies to Homelander about where she is going after he invites her into his trailer for a surprise. He finds out that she has lied to him and destroys his trailer in a fit of rage, setting it on fire and watching it burn. By the end of the episode, several shocking truths are revealed, two members of Butcher’s team will reconcile while a new friendship is finally formed. The episode is a mixture of fun, violence, and shocks that will astound the viewer and will lead to predictions being made about how things will be resolved (if they are this season), how things will play themselves out, and exactly where the characters will be left as the season ends.


There are only two episodes to go before we find out how it ends or if it does and if those concerned get their just desserts. I can see more shocks and revelations coming before we get to the climax of this second season and I can sense a cliffhanger ending coming here.


All in all, this week’s episode, while fun and entertaining as always, has a slightly uneven feel to it and a sense of frustration is creeping in. Of course, the show is designed to be this way and to keep us on the edge of our seats and guessing at how it exactly is going to go but we find ourselves wanting to scream at the characters, to tell them to sort things out and to get their asses in gear. They won’t hear us of course but the sense of foreboding is looming on the horizon. We want our favorite characters to make it to season three and in one piece. We want two characters to finally make up their minds and get together. We want another two characters to either sort their feelings out or to become the fiercest of enemies. Either way, these things need to be finalized as if they drag over to the third season, we will find ourselves once more feeling slightly frustrated at these little things dragging on. And ‘The Boys‘ doesn’t need or deserve that.


The show is brilliant as always but it’s just those little tiny, niggling things that hold it back slightly. But these are tiny little problems in the whole scale of things. As we speed towards what has to be an epic climax, we find ourselves buckling in, ready for what promises to be a rough, emotional, and thrilling ride to the finish.


Rating: 4/5


The Boys: Season 2 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video NOW.


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