Godzilla vs Kong Poster

Feast your eyes on the new Godzilla Vs Kong poster ahead of the official launch trailer coming on Sunday.

Warner Bros has shared the first poster for Godzilla vs Kong. Adam Wingard’s monster clash is heading our way in March and Warner Bros. is promising to pull back the veil of secrecy this Sunday.

The poster was distributed with confirmation that the official trailer will be shared with the world this weekend. And it also comes with the foreboding tagline promising that ONE WILL FALL.

Godzilla vs. Kong logo
Godzilla vs. Kong (Image courtesy of Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures)

The poster itself shows a submerged Godzilla swimming towards a city where Kong is running rampant between skyscrapers. The King of Skull Island catches glimpse of Zilla’s famous spines and prepares to unleash a ferocious roar. Check it out:

Godzilla vs Kong poster


Which monster will win this titanic tussle remains to be seen. In the classic Toho movie, both titans toppled into the ocean with only Kong emerging from the bout. But many fans have pointed out that Godzilla may have simply returned to the depths and conceded the fight. But with Legendary and Warner Bros. promising a decisive winner – the battle lines have been drawn.

Kong: Skull Island - 001
Kong: Skull Island (Image courtesy of Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures)

Since 1933, King Kong has both terrified and enthralled us with his adventures, and now, 86 years after his debut on the silver screen King Kong is back to reclaim his throne.

ONE WILL FALL in Legendary’s Monsterverse.

And in this universe…Kong is King!

Source: Legendary


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