Five story elements from The Last Jedi that remind me of the TV Series

As I was watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I saw a few connections within the story to Star Wars Rebels. Here are five connections I made:

DJ and Hondo

Star Wars Connections - DJ and Hondo - FOTF
DJ and Hondo Onaka


Watching the character of DJ in The Last Jedi, I was strongly reminded of the Star Wars Rebels character of Hondo Onaka. Both characters do not want to take sides and will also sell out those that they are working with to get themselves out of trouble.


Star Wars Connections - Yoda and Ezra - FOTF
Jedi Master Yoda – Star Wars: Rebels


In both The Last Jedi and in Star Wars Rebels the appearance of Yoda was unexpected, but welcome. During both appearances, Yoda imparts wisdom, as only he can, to both troubled Jedi, Ezra and Luke Skywalker.

Connections through the Force

Kylo Ren and Rey – Maul and Ezra


In The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) and Rey have many interactions without being on the same planet. These interactions reminded me of the interactions between Ezra and Maul in Star Wars Rebels. In both cases, they following the connection to places that they should not have gone to, but in the end where they needed to in order to understand where they are going.

Leia and Kanan

Star Wars Connections - Leia and Kanan - FOTF
Leia Organa and Kanan Jarrus


When I saw Leia out in space after the attack on the bridge in The Last Jedi, I was immediately reminded of when Kanan was pushed out an airlock by Maul in Star Wars Rebels. Both characters used The Force to help pull them back to safety.

Hyperspace Tracking

Star Wars Connections - Hyperspace Tracking - FOTF
Hyperspace Tracking – Star Wars: Rebels


When The Resistance leaders realized they were being tracked through hyperspace in The Last Jedi, I was reminded of when The Inquisitor placed a hyperspace tracking device on the hull of The Phantom in Star Wars Rebels.

Did you notice any connections? Drop us a line and share yours…


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1 thought on “The Last Jedi and Star Wars: Rebels Connections

  1. Using a tracking device to follow a ship through hyperspace goes back to episode 4, where the Empire put one on/in the Millennium Falcon. The Force Awakens seems to indicate that the tracking device is still operational.
    In episode 2, Obi-Wan put one on Slave 1.
    But in The Last Jedi, The First Order could track the resistance without a tracking device on their ships.
    So it’s not really a connection, since they use a different technology.

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