Star Wars The Lost Stories Ben Solo and Luke Skywalker

What really fractured Ben and Luke’s relationship to that sorrowful point in Star Wars The Last Jedi?

Star Wars is my favorite franchise because the entire story is so utterly riveting and beautifully written. Think of the complicated relationship between intimidating antagonist Darth Vader and his son, the heroic Luke Skywalker. Anakin’s fall to the dark side because of his love for Padme. Or even Finn’s unwillingness to kill for the First Order and his inspiring arc to become a Resistance fighter.


These stories are what make these films so much fun to watch but sometimes there are lost storylines in these movies that spawn my unyielding curiosity. Such as the storyline between Luke and Ben Solo. We know that Leia sent Ben to Luke to become a Jedi when she couldn’t handle him anymore. And then, during that time, Luke thought of killing Ben, hesitated, and Ben thus turned to the dark side hence becoming Kylo Ren. But what led to that drastic decision? What really happened that fractured Ben and Luke’s relationship to that sorrowful point?

Star Wars | The Reylo Phenomenon

It was slightly elaborated in The Last Jedi through a fascinating array of flashbacks composed by Rian Johnson but those flashbacks were so tantalizing that I want to know more!


The Star Wars stories have been put on hold due to Solo: A Star Wars Story not living up to Disney’s money-making standards and that means certain ideas may never come to fruition on the big screen. One of those standalone films that I really was hoping to see would be a Star Wars story featuring the birth and fall of Luke’s Jedi Order. Can you imagine how cool that would be? We could see some fascinating Force-sensitive characters, Ben Solo of course (yay), Luke Skywalker in the days before he became the grumpy old hermit that he was in The Last Jedi, and maybe even get a bit of Supreme Leader Snoke as well. Wouldn’t that be awesome?! Yes…it would.

Star Wars The Lost Stories  Ben Solo and Luke Skywalker

And yet this is still a lost story that’s just waiting to be watched. Or at least read. I mean, if anyone at Lucasfilm can hear me, can you all please have at least one of your wonderful authors write a riveting YA novel featuring this idea? It would be FANTASTIC! It really would. In fact, it probably would become a New York Times bestseller just through pre-orders because so many people would be excited to read it.

Star Wars The Lost Stories  Ben Solo and Luke Skywalker

Or maybe that’s just me and this story will never be elaborated upon because it wouldn’t be as interesting as it seems. But hey, if Solo’s backstory could turn into one of the greatest Star Wars movies ever made then surely a film (or novel) starring two of the franchise’s most awesome characters, Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker, could be just as entertaining.

P.S. Come on LucasFilm. We need this story.


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