Feast your eyes on HasLab’s fully-painted Razor Crest 

After easily surpassing the number of backers needed to ensure its production, Hasbro has unveiled a stunning gallery of images for the fully-painted HasLab Razor Crest from The Mandalorian. The fully pained repurposed gunship was unveiled during Hasbro’s Livestream commemorating the start of Mando Mondays.

The sensational 30″ long vehicle is proving to be a hit with the fans who haven’t blinked at the $349.99 / £349.99 price tag – and soon this glorious vehicle will be gracing The Vintage Collection complete with exclusive Din Djarin and The Child figures. Check out the gallery below:

The Razor Crest

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Din Djarin

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The Child

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Here’s the official line:

• The cockpit opens to reveal a fully detailed interior with three seats that fit Vintage Collection figures
• Detachable engines and removable hull panels to recreate the season 1 scenes of the Jawas breaking down the ship for scrap
• A weapons locker with included, removable, show-inspired weapons accessories to make sure your figures are always ready for whatever the galaxy throws at them
• A carbon freezing chamber and cargo hold with cargo netting
• Bounty hunters can make an entrance — or a fast exit — with opening rear and side doors and lowering ramps
• Removeable landing gear
• Bunk area with space for a figure to hide

The Razor Crest is going to be an iconic addition to the Star Wars Vintage Collection… and to your shelves. This crowdfund project will run from September 25th, 2020 to 11:59 pm ET on November 9th, 2020. Order yours now to avoid disappointment.

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Source: Hasbro Pulse / Star Wars Collector


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