December 6, 2023
Star Wars | Making The Most of Galaxy's Edge

Katelyn looks ahead to the launch of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and reveals her top tips to make your adventure in the galaxy far, far away the best day out EVER…

The highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge parks are finally opening up May 31st at Disneyland and August 29th at Disney World! Personally, I am planning to be there opening day for the Disney World park in Orlando and I absolutely cannot wait! Planning a trip to Disney can be a monumental task, especially for an unseasoned Disney traveler. Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks that can help you have a great day and navigate the new areas of the parks. 

Star Wars | Making The Most of Galaxy's Edge

Last week Disney informed everyone attending Galaxy’s Edge Disneyland that they must have a reservation to enter the park between May 31 and June 23. This reservation is no cost but is meant to be made after purchasing a regular park ticket. I recommend doing this asap. I imagine the park will fill quickly and missing your chance would be terrible. You are not required to have a reservation at Disney World but the site does have a disclaimer that access to the Galaxy’s Edge may be unavailable due to demand. Get online beforehand and have a look at a map before going in. Staring at a piece of paper while walking at Disney can be problematic so have an idea of where to go ahead of time can save you some extra time. 

Star Wars | Making The Most of Galaxy's Edge

FastPasses for rides can be made 30 days out regularly and 60 days out if you are staying at a Disney Resort. The queue opens at 7am, so set your alarms! If you are planning to make the trip for Galaxy’s Edge, getting your FastPass can be the difference between a 20 min wait and a 3hr wait. “Smuggler’s Run” will no doubt be the first to run out of passes so you might check that box first. You can make three FastPasses at first and can then make one at a time after you have used your three. Your passes can be made for your entire party or just a few people if not everyone wants to do the same thing. 

Star Wars | Making The Most of Galaxy's Edge

If you are staying at Disney World Resort, watch for those Extra Magic Hours. There are Extra Magic Hours for Hollywood Studios (which contains Galaxy’s Edge) on Sept 1, just 3 days after opening. This is an excellent opportunity for those staying in resorts and local participating hotels to get into the park at 8am, an hour early. I also recommend getting to the gates well before that time.  There will be hundreds (no, I’m not exaggerating) of people from the resorts waiting. Go straight to what you know will be the busiest ride.  That way you can ride it once in the regular line with a short wait and then with your FastPass again later. Disneyland is not including Galaxy’s Edge in their Extra Magic Hours. You may only enter that section during your reservation window. 

Save plenty of time for walking and shopping. There are several new and interesting looking shops that will be opening, including an antiquities dealer, a creature stall, and a toymaker’s shop. They will all, of course, be exclusively Star Wars themed and will be full of merchandise that we have never seen before. Keep in mind that you can always purchase items in the park and have them sent to the main gate or even back to your room so you aren’t left carrying bags all day. Although Disney has a huge online store, there are tons of items you can only find in the parks. Find something you love? I recommend getting it right then and there lest you get home to find out that item isn’t sold online. 

Carry little and make it waterproof.  When my husband and I hit a park, we have our waterproof kayaking bag, magic bands (loaded with a credit card, so no cash needed), a refillable water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, a light snack, and ibuprofen, cause’ you know you’ll be sore. And if it starts to rain, we just get wet. It’s better than sweating like mad in one of those plastic ponchos.

Star Wars | Making The Most of Galaxy's Edge

Come to terms now with the fact that it will be so busy you can barely walk in a straight line. We have been waiting for these parks for a very long time. It wouldn’t surprise me if the parks reached capacity within an hour of opening.  Disney World has the advantage that most schools have started back up and the opening is on a Thursday. Disneyland is opening on a Friday, so I expect it will be the busier of the two. Bottom Line: Get there early and plan to stay late. 

Above all, have fun! These parks will be an amazing experience for Star Wars fans everywhere. Yes, we are all hot and tired, but don’t let that put a damper on it. Talk to the people in line with you. You’d be surprised at who you can meet. Take pictures and let your inner-child out. You’re where “dreams come true” after all, and who doesn’t dream about being in the Star Wars universe? And if you’re at Disney World opening weekend, look out for me! I’ll be the girl in the Future of the Force shirt!

Have an amazing trip and May The Force Be With You!


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