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Lucasfilm’s landmark literary adventure The High Republic is just a few shorts months away from launch, and with the clock ticking down to the first release – is taking a closer look at Stellan Gios’ all-new lightsaber.  This first look comes via Insight Editions’ hotly anticipated new title Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection which is set to hit bookshelves on October 20. Let’s take a closer look:

Here’s the official line:

Republic era, Lucasfilm knew that they had to be special — elegant weapons for a more civilized age, as Obi-Wan Kenobi might say. So they took inspiration from one of the most legendary swords in storytelling.

“We wanted to make the Jedi distinctive and instantly recognizable as Jedi Knights of the High Republic, and that applies not only to their clothing but to their lightsabers, as well,” says Michael Siglain, Lucasfilm Publishing’s creative director. “Internally, we often refer to the Jedi of this era as ‘the Jedi Knights of the Round Table.’ Taking that idea one step further, their sabers can be viewed as their own versions of Excalibur.”

Star Wars: The High Republic, a storytelling epic that kicks off in January 2021, will tell stories set centuries prior to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, during the very peak of the Jedi Order. But fans can get their first look at the lightsaber of Stellan Gios, a Jedi Master during the High Republic era, here on with this exclusive preview from Insight Editions’ The Lightsaber Collection, a compendium coming October 20 and available for pre-order now.

Star Wars The Lightsaber Collection

We cannot wait to get our hands on this exceptional title. We’ll bring you our review in the coming weeks so keep it real, keep it Star Wars and keep it Future of the Force.


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