September 22, 2023

Thomas unpacks the hotly anticipated new War Machine figure from Hot Toys’ Avengers Endgame line-up

Continuing with their Avengers Endgame line-up, Hot Toys released War Machine during the Summer while the Iron Patriot armor from the final battle will come next year.

The box follows the same design as the recent die-cast figures – the cardboard box is opened on the side to remove the polystyrene box that protects the figure. The cardboard box features a promotional image of War Machine with the Avengers logo and Avengers Endgame title card.  The polystyrene box features the Avengers and War Machine logos on the side.


This figure doesn’t come with many accessories but it’s all (almost) you need from this War Machine figure – 6 interchangeable hands, a machine gun, a James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes headsculpt inside War Machine’s helmet, batteries (along with a screwdriver and pliers) and a basic stand. The stand is the same as the other Avengers Endgame stands – the logo from the Avengers with the movie title card along with the logo of the character and the name plate. As usual with die-cast figures, one of the pair of hands features fully articulated fingers which is great as you can pose the hand the way you want it!


This figure is MASSIVE! It is a lot heavier than the other Iron Man and War Machine figures, it is also a quite large whether it is the arms, the legs, the shoulder pads. It’s quite an imposing figure so be careful when you pose it and when you have it in your hands. It is an absolutely beautiful figure. It features some really nice details like the “Lt Col James Rhodes” written on the side of the bust, the War Machine symbol on the shoulders and on the leg. This armor is MK-006 as indicated on one of the legs. As usual with War Machine, the paint is silver and black. It’s a diecast figure so you immediately get this metallic feel when looking at it.

This one isn’t as much heavily weaponized as its MK-005 counterpart but I love the simplicity of it. The machine gun at the back is quite sufficient. It’s articulated and can be rotated for action poses.

It’s a diecast figure so as you already know, it features LED light-up features. Unlike, the Iron Man from Spider-Man Homecoming, it doesn’t take you an hour or so to install all the batteries. You just have 4 battery spaces – the arms, the helmet, and the back. It’s always a great feature.


As for headsculpt, it’s absolutely beautiful, it’s spot on Don Cheadle! The bottom of the helmet is articulated so you can properly see his head. However, I would have appreciated a full Rhodey headsculpt and not just inside the helmet variant like for the Iron Man figures.

This figure has over 30 points of articulation so you can get him in some awesome action poses, just read the instruction sheet before doing so.

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Final Thoughts

A must-have figure for Avengers fans! Order yours here.


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