Mafex Superman Batman Hush Review

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the sensational new Superman MAFEX figure from Batman: Hush

The wait for the new SUPERMAN MAFEX figure from Batman: Hush has been longer than usual. The journey along the assembly line is always fraught with delay when it comes to Medicom. But with COVID-19 decimating the release slate, it seemed like this figure would never be shipped. But thankfully, those fears have been averted and the figure is finally landing on the doorsteps of DC fans everywhere.

Mafex Batman Hush Superman

In recent months, the MAFEX line has come under fire for its general lack of quality control. There have been multiple complaints ranging from loose joints, sloppy paintwork, and even misshapen body parts. But the recent release of Batman from the Batman: Hush collection readdressed the balance and reinvigorated fan hopes for a stellar Superman figure. And I am delighted to report that the Man Of Steel is a triumph.

The Man Of Steel (Batman: Hush) | MAFEX Medicom Toys


First off, let me start by saying how much I love this figure. After being blown away by the Dark Knight, I had high hopes for Superman. And my hopes have been satisfied and then some.  Normally, I rebel against soft goods capes, but in this case, I am delighted with the finished article. This figure is a throwback to a bygone era. To a time when Christopher Reeve made us believe a man could fly. I have no idea if this was intentional, or by accident. But either way, it is a sheer delight and a welcome bonus.

The figure captures the essence of the Christopher Reeve movies and presents them lovingly in animated form. It is a sense I did not get from the character in the animated movie. The animation style of the movie, although true to Jim Lee’s original concepts was fresh and crisp, with little in the way of nostalgia. So, in effect, this figure delivers the best of both worlds. An animated Man Of Steel, with the classic tropes of Christopher Reeve!


Again, Mafex has knocked this one out of the park. The stunning blue tone of the packaging accentuates the figure to perfection. and Jim Lee’s beautiful artwork is plastered all over the box’s interior. And its beauty becomes all the more apparent when you free the figure from its plastic prison.



The head sculpts are sensational and have perfectly recreated the character from the animated movie. Recreating an animated character is often fraught with inaccuracies – but with Superman, MAFEX has nailed it! The same can said for the classic costume. It is sensational. Every muscle is well defined, the boots have a pleasing leather-like finish, and the iconic chest logo really stands out. It isn’t embossed. But it might as well be. It’s that vivid. And although I am pro plastic cape, the soft goods version is fit for purpose. Right down to the traditional yellow logo on the back. Very Christopher Reeve!



As far as articulation goes, and the figure doesn’t disappoint. The figure is fully poseable with multiple joints that allow you to set the Man Of Steel in almost any pose your mind can come up with. Having the figure in flight is hands down my favorite so far!



The set comes with ten interchangeable hands, three of Poison Ivy’s venom-infused plant garlands, an alternate head, and an alternate hand for Batman. The second head boasts the Man Of Steel’s angry “laser vision” expression. Another welcome addition. The toxin-infused garlands however aren’t used in the movie, so why they have been included in the set is a mystery. The same can be said for the alternate Batman hand. In the movie, Batman uses Kryptonite-infused knuckle dusters. The hand included with this set has a solitary Kryptonite ring, which is a little bizarre. But these are minor quibbles.


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Overall, MAFEX has knocked this one out of the park.  Although I am not a fan of soft goods capes this one does not disappoint. And, more importantly, it does not detract from the glorious finish of the figure. If you’re looking for a well-sculpted animated Superman with all the classic hallmarks of Christopher Reeve’s unforgettable Man Of Steel; this is the figure for you. And with Catwoman, Hush, and The Joker all heading our way – this impressive line will only get better!


Keep up the good work Medicom. The Batman: Hush Superman figure is an ABSOLUTE TRIUMPH! Order yours here.


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