Geiger Volume One Review

If you are a fan of the post-apocalyptic genre, Geiger: Volume One will definitely fit in your wheelhouse.

First off, I am a huge fan of the post-apocalyptic genre.  Movies, books, comic books, video games (heck, Fallout is my favorite video game franchise).  Give me all the post-apocalyptic stuff you got! Geiger is an Image comic book set several years after a nuclear war destroyed the planet and raiders, cannibals, and wanna-be royalty created a chaotic landscape.  Quite a Mad Max vibe so it has the post-apocalyptic premise that I like. But wait, there is more.



Tie that together with the creative team of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank and you have comic book gold! For those not familiar with these guys, here is a little background.  Geoff Johns has written a ton of great comics.  His run on Green Lantern is definitive.  His writing with DC Comics eventually earned him the position of Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment.  This position was created for him to extend the brand into other media platforms such as animated and live-action films.  Gary Frank is a British artist that has worked in both DC and Marvel Comics. He has worked on titles such as Action Comics, JLA; Justice League, The Avengers, and The Incredible Hulk. Among others.  These two creators have worked at a team previously, most notably on the three volumes of Batman: Earth One.



Geiger, which was created by the Johns/Frank team, focuses on the Geiger character that is often referred to as Joe Glow or the Meltdown Man.  Geiger is a man that attempted to escape the nuclear devastation by building a bomb shelter for himself and his family. But was unfortunately not able to get into the bunker in time and was ultimately affected by the blast most interestingly.  The story follows his life post-nuclear destruction as he protects his family’s bunker from various outlaws.  All while a self-proclaimed king attempts to gather up the remainder of the country’s nuclear weapons.


The artwork in this book is great.  Gary Frank really captures the soul of a post-apocalyptic society.  And to no surprise, the writing is outstanding.  The character work is excellent and engaging. Johns and Frank have created a comic book series that is the bomb (pun intended)!  If you are a fan of the post-apocalyptic genre, or if you are a fan of this creative team, this one will definitely fit in your wheelhouse.

Geiger: Volume One is published by Image Comics and is available to buy NOW.

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